Whisper it quietly: Arsenal going along quite nicely

Arsenal were shaping up for a very awkward season. No Champions League football and the consequent potential for players leaving threatened to be the beginning of a downward spiral.

42d3c53700000578-4764358-image-a-5_1501967248042However, the ship now appears to have been steadied. Shrewd player purchases were made, Sanchez stayed, v good money was recouped for the Ox and slowly results are coming together. Yes there have been some early season wobbles, with defeats at Stoke and Liverpool, but on the whole Arsenal now look on course. League wins have been added to the Community Shield in the bag, a tenacious draw at Chelsea and even some slightly fortuitous wins scraped at home. Add to that a relatively straight forward Europa League group and very manageable home tie against Norwich in the 4th round of the Carabao Cup, then suddenly the overall picture does not look so gloomy.

dgjrr-xwsaeqto2Picture the prospect that in mid-February Arsenal may be looking at the semi finals of the League Cup, still in both the FA cup and the knockout stages of the Europa League, and possibly still only a handful of points off the top of the league. That actually feels like the makings of a good season! Then again Arsenal have been in strong positions before come spring time, and it has not always fully worked out, so we’ll reserve judgement for a few months! However, for a potentially doom filled season, so far so good…

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